The world is repeating!

(After I finished this posting, I have to write everyday! It’s must be repeated! This should not be the last posting.)

The world is repeating!
Everyday you get up, you are looking at the same you.
You are doing the same thing as you were yesterday. You do your job, you love your hobby, you sleep at night, you brush your teeth, you eat, you drink. That’s all repeated everyday!
And I’m now at 3rd March also repeating the same birthday date as I were last year. Happy birthday to me!
Every year we have same holidays, we have the same number of days, same number of months. It’s repeated thousand years ago!.
Everyday, people are repeating killing other people because of hatred, husband and wife are looking at the same spouse every morning, we’re going to work everyday.
Yes the world is repeating. But still we are not tired doing the same thing, having the same day as yesterday, repeated same dishes every day, sleep to rest every night.
Yes the world is repeated for everyone, for those who are successful. We do training everyday to be a better champion, we repeated the same things as we believe it can give us best result, even we are frustrated, tired, unhappy, or likely to give up.

The best thing is we don’t give up, because we had been spending all day before repeating the same things to be the best.
Then, we have to admit, the world is repeating every second, every hour, everyday, every year, and success comes from repeated effort and action from people who don’t give up!


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